Useful information prior to starting the lessons.
Note: Some browsers automatically translate pages. Although it may not always be grmatically correct, you can use that feature to read the instructions for all lessons in addition to the images. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions, ideas, suggestions, requests!


The Purpose

I created these lessons to teach you the basics of quilting and patchwork. At the end of these lessons, you will have a fully finished quilt. One of the objectives is that anyone could make a quilt, with just a few basic tools, without having the need to purchase additional rulers, templates, or other tools, but also to take little sewing space in your home. This allows for you to quickly wrap everything up at the end of the day, without having a dedicated permanent sewing area.



Sewing Machine

You will not need an expensive sewing machine. All you need is a machine that can sew a straight-stitch, with an adjustable stitch length.

You will notice that I use a simple sewing machine throughout all the lessons. For more details, click here.




The blocks in each lesson increase in difficulty. The first few lessons are lines and squares, followed by triangles, and other combinations of elements.

I designed the blocks using centimeters, as well as inches, to accommodate whichever type of ruler you already own or choose.




Learning these techniques will give you the skills needed to create basically any pattern available. The lessons presented are not all-inclusive. If there is a technique that you would like to learn more about and it is not covered in the lessons, feel free to contact me.

Additional quilting methods and projects are listed here.




Some patterns will be in a PDF format, using Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for printing. They will be available for download here.



Simple Tools

The lessons are designed to only use one ruler and one cutting mat.

I chose a 15cm x 30cm ruler (6 in x 12 in), and a 30cm x 45 cm cutting mat, which will be used in building every block, as well as finalizing the quilt.

For more information on the tools needed, click here.



Quilt Size

The finalized quilt will be big enough for a baby size quilt, but also small enough to be quilted entirely using a small sewing machine. You will not necessarily need to use the services of a long-arm quilter, if none is available in your area.




The fabrics used and recommended are 100% quilting cotton. It is highly important to use quality fabric. If you choose to use what you have available either in your home or local stores, my recommendation is to prewash the fabrics a few times to prevent shrinkage and color bleeding. Ideally, you will use the same fabrics for all the blocks. For a list of online fabric stores to purchase quality fabric and other notions and patterns, click here. The list includes a few stores from the United States that offer international shipping.

A few examples of quality fabric manufacturers are: Moda, Riley Blake, Art Gallery Fabrics, Free Spirit, Andover, Robert Kaufman, Wilmington, Windham, but there are many more amazing and high quality fabric manufacturers.




Visit my  blog for updates, news,  and more ideas and inspiration. You will see what projects I have been working on, a few details about each, and you can use them as inspiration for your o future projects.



All Free!

All the lessons are entirely free for your personal use and knowledge.

If you would like to utilize my lessons for group meetings and courses, please contact me for written permission. 

Lessons may not be redistributed in any means or form without my written consent. When utilizing my lessons and patterns, please credit Quilting in Romania in any media postings, printed, or virtual.